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We offer a variety of classes in multiple categories at Studio Solomon. Our class categories are shown below. 



All martial arts and self-defense related classes are held in our fully matted and equipped studio. 


In order to keep our mats clean, all class participants must train barefoot or wear dedicated mat shoes (wrestling or martial arts shoes).  No stocking feet, sneakers or street shoes are permitted. (Please contact instructor for questions about medical requirements.)


Loose-fitting, comfortable excercise clothing recommended.  Long pants and t-shirts encouraged (no offensive logos).  Black on black or dark colors preferred but not required for martial arts training.  (Our focus is on training, not fashion.)

Drum classes are typically limited to carpeted area of our studio and folding metal chairs are provided for seating.  If drumming activities spill onto matted area, again, no street shoes permitted in order to maintain clean mats for our barefoot students.

Dance classes are held on puzzle-matted area in bare feet.


Martial Arts Skills/Drills

Power Punch

Self-Defense for Women

Universal African Fighting Arts System

Beginner Djembe & West African Drumming

West African Dance

Tai Chi (Taiji)